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Timeless, simplistic, yet pleasing furniture

Quality coming straight from a team of passionate designers

in Downtown Los Angeles, California

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EKAIS design process has always had a focus on robust quality, attractive boldness and effectiveness.

Our designers always try to introduce new values of living experience. Our general shortened lead time and price point for quality had been valued trait that we seek to maintain. You’re invited to check our portfolio. You’ll understand that we provide an unrivaled quality product and service.


EKAIS is always ready to listen and respond to ever-changing customer needs and desires with maintaining the highest quality standards

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From sampling to finish product, we seek for perfection, our goal is achieved through close collaboration and communication with our manufacturers. 

Our manufacturer has extensive experience working with the world class hotel brands in hospitality industry. We know how to bring top tier quality standard product with the best price for your products. All of our collections employ the finest quality material with the extraordinary finishes.

  • Our partner, Arcadia Furniture Co.,Ltd., brings years of production knowledge and expertise in hospitality furnishing and customized furniture since 2000

  • Our partner has successfully developed the most cost effective way to build furniture, providing high quality resourcing, quick lead time of just 6-10 weeks, and maintaining a perfect cost to quality ratio reputation

  • Onsite quality control staff oversees our QC standards to be met prior to shipping


Our Designers


Stephan Jinup Son

Principal | Creative Director

Furniture design is beyond the principle ‘Form Follows Function.’ It lies on the border of Art and product, and that’s what makes furniture design such attractive to me. I still sketch everyday to instill this to our furniture design.

Stephan brings over 10 years of professional design experiences working at BMW Designworks USA, various consulting firms and clients such as BMW, MINI, EPSON, HP, Sennheiser, Motorola, Simplehuman, JBL, etc. He drives Ekais’ strategy and innovation through product and service design, development, and production.

He started as Fine Art major and graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Design from California State University, Long Beach.


Soystudio, Inc.

BMW Designworks USA (Newbury Park, CA USA & Singapore)

LUM Design Association (Irvine, CA USA)


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Jeff W. Son

Director of Design and Development

Good furniture design should start from understanding key characteristics of solid wood. In order to get the most out of it, it’s critical to create a sophisticated design process based on material properties. It’s challenging but also such rewarding that it made me switch my career from a car designer to furniture designer.

Jeff graduated with a B.S. in Transportation Design from Korea National University of Art. Recognizing his outstanding design capabilities, Hundai-Kia recruited him before he graduated. He worked in exterior design section and performed various design projects under supervision of Peter Schreyer. He also has a wide range of experiences working in interior design, residence architectural projects, product design for EPSON, and Oculus VR.


Soystudio, Inc.

Hyundai & Kia Motors Design


Vaunn Yevo

Brand Art Director

Vaunn has nearly twenty-five years’ experience in the traditional and digital marketing industry, specializing in high-end and luxury goods. Living in Los Angeles, CA, his specific area of expertise lies in corporate creative, branding, brand positioning, strategy and design to help both firms and individuals dominate in their markets through a distinctive point of view. He benefits clients in their advertising ventures and helps them to become their own signature brands with the look and feel that is as exclusive as they aspire it to be. Vaunn graduated from the Art Institute of Los Angeles and began his career working for many high-profile companies such as Warner Brothers, Sony, Diesel, and Disney as a Brand Maker.  Vaunn has also owned his own successful modeling agency, worked on a winning political campaign, and in 2010, developed Neux Magazine, his own fashion, entertainment, and lifestyles publication. He has worked with numerous high-profile celebrities, performing services such as image making and Public Relations. Recently, Vaunn has had the distinct honor of being asked to sit as a judge at the 2018 American Advertising Federation in Washington, DC this past month where there were over 500 entries competing for top honors. 


Sharon Baluku

Interior Designer

Sharon was born in Uganda and raised in Sweden and USA, which has contributed to her eclectic approach to design, both personally and professionally. While attending university she completed two internships with renowned interior designer Michael S. Smith, whose clients include Cindy Crawford, Steven Spielberg, and the Obamas.
After graduating with a BS in Interior Design in 2011, she started her career as a Design Associate at the award-winning Kerry Joyce Associates, working on luxury residential and large commercial projects in Southern California and Colorado. In addition, she has designed home and fashion accessories for a private clientele since 2013. In her spare time she enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, making jewelry, and browsing local farmers' markets for unique handmade products.

We developed our own style with a professional coating specialist who brings more than 20 years of experience. In keeping with quality standard, all furniture are finished/coated with Sherwin-Williams's Sayerlack